Confluence has changed its name!

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and our continued dedication to the nonprofit industry. Our services – Salesforce, web development, and technology consulting – as well as our stellar staff remain the same!

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6 Fast Facts about Confluence

1We’re smart people. And we love working with smart organizations. Some of us dress smartly and others of us dress like the tech geeks that we are—but our collective brain power will amaze and delight you and we cannot wait to get a peek into your smart culture.

2We are technology and design evangelists. Some of us are calm and reserved; others of us get so excited we cannot sit still in meetings—but we all are downright giddy to live in this exciting world. Nothing pleases us more than helping our clients achieve their goals through the creative and strategic use of technology and design.

3We are headquartered in Washington, DC—just a short walk from the White House. We love Washington DC and its energy, rhythm, and work ethic, but we also love the West coast vibe and opened a Los Angeles office in 2013. We also have employees living and working in anchor offices in Portland (Oregon), Baltimore, and San Francisco.

4We are partners, not vendors. No matter what the engagement, we strive to leave our clients more knowledgeable, capable, and self-reliant than when we found them. We thrive in collaborative environments and love long-term relationships. Our years of experience and deep subject matter expertise inform everything we do, and the return on investment from working with Confluence is measurable.

5We work hard, but we also believe in work/life balance. Some of the cool activities our staff individually have done include: raising children, hiking all 550 miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, playing a mean game of ultimate frisbee, touring wine regions in Italy, Oregon, and California, making documentary films, taking dance classes, inventing never before seen (or eaten) breakfast sandwiches…the list goes on—ask us for more at our kickoff meeting!

6We are NOT the makers of the great Confluence wiki product from Atlassian. Although we love their tools!