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Commitment to Open Source Software

Dedicated to open source software solutions for our clients, Confluence is also an active supporter of the open source community.

Working with open source software is a natural extension of our historical focus on serving nonprofits, associations, and foundations while also providing a viable option for commercial clients.

Why does Confluence support open source?

1Open source: We like our clients to be self-reliant and empowered. Closed source code requires the software vendor to make changes to any function not specifically intended to be customized. We love to extend open source software correctly by encapsulating modifications to ensure that future core upgrades will not disrupt the extensions in place.

2Transparency: Open source software means that all source code is published and available to all users. Rather than taking the word of a proprietary developer that code is safe, secure, and adheres to best practices or standards, open source is accessible, and thus verifiable, to all.

3Idea sharing: The ethos of the open source community is one of sharing best practices and improving code together. This commitment to improvement fosters innovation and growth that is  harder to attain in proprietary software. We believe that great products and tools come from shared efforts.

4Documentation: The open source solutions that Confluence chooses to work with are very popular and well documented. There is no shortage of available online learning for clients in the form of instruction, tutorials, forums, newsgroups, and more. Confluence is able to pass these resources over to clients and focus valuable training time with our clients on the unique tools that we have created.

5Total cost of ownership: While not all open source software is free to use, the systems that Confluence specializes in are no cost. This is important because most of our clients would prefer to spend their IT budget on customization of software to meet specific needs, as opposed to paying up-front licensing costs. While most clients using open source still require commercial maintenance and support, the overall total cost of ownership usually presents a highly affordable option compared to commercial software.