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OKaos WordPress Salesforce App

WordPress Salesforce Integration

This App is very useful if you have data in Salesforce that you would like to make visible on your WordPress website. It contains two components – the Salesforce App and a companion WordPress Plugin. These two parts form the integration. The WordPress integration, out of the box, allows for Salesforce-based data to be retrieved into a WordPress. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an example of a simple directory – this could be used for the display on your WordPress website of your staff, your board members, committees, lists of volunteers, donors…. You get the picture.

First NameLast NameCityStateInterest AreaDate AddedAffiliation
Jane PuppetWillametteORTrees10/1/2013MakeTreesNotWar
LindaLightlyNew YorkNYMusic3/3/2011MusicMakers


Clicking on any row displays the “details” page for these items: 


Jane Puppet

Willamette, OR


Member Since: 10/1/2013

About: Jane Puppet is a supporter of trees, and has devoted her life to replicating them throughout the country.

Background: Jane received her Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University.

Hobbies: When not spending time out in nature planting trees for posterity and making the world a more beautiful place, she likes to study marine biology and go on camping trips with her family and two Golden Retrievers.


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