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and our continued dedication to the nonprofit industry. Our services – Salesforce, web development, and technology consulting – as well as our stellar staff remain the same!

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Technology Consulting

Confluence provides many types of strategic service offerings to our clients.

Confluence performs strategic technology assessments as a core part of our business. For smaller organizations, we offer an affordable, fixed-price project that can be completed within one or two weeks. For larger organizations, we will create a custom technology assessment project based on the number of staff and other variables. We leave no stone unturned.

Our holistic approach understands technology within the culture of your organization—we look at people, processes, and systems together.

For each area of technology, we provide a clear explanation of the options available, associated pros and cons, and our recommendations when appropriate. All the recommendations are consolidated into an action plan—a clear summary of everything that should be done, with cost, priority, responsible party, and schedule in detail.

Other strategic services offered include capacity building; social media strategy and execution; and search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics.