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Website Design and Development

Confluence’s award winning Creative Services department is composed of art school graduates who understand design principles and the importance of color, layout and typography in every project.

Confluence has designed websites for hundreds of clients and we have developed a workflow process that, well, works!

Web design needs to be done by designers, not programmers, and our talented designers have degrees in art and graphic design, not computer science and engineering.

Confluence has crafted our design process and it can be explained in four steps.

Step 1

Conversation: We begin the way all web design projects should begin—with a conversation. Our customized Project Profiler supports the conversation. The Project Profiler is a 20- to 30-question document divided into several sections. Section examples include:

  • Branding and messaging
  • Audiences
  • Perception
  • Marketing channels
  • Competitors/partners/affiliates
  • Design and aesthetic sensibilities
  • Desired goals or metrics

Step 2

Organization: This is key to facilitating the information architecture and wireframe phase. Information architecture defines the overall structure of the website—section names, parent/child relationships, navigational schema(s).

Step 3

Design: Utilizing the wireframes and information gathered during the discovery phase, our design team works cooperatively to create visually stunning and distinct design comps (options). After our initial presentation, we iteratively refine the selected design based on client input and creative best practices. In addition to creating unique designs from scratch, we can also begin with a high quality theme and customize the look and feel. This may reduce the cost of a custom design substantially. You won’t find a “Confluence style” in our portfolio because the designs we create reflect the design preferences of our clients, not of us.

Step 4

Develop: After design sign-off, our creative team works with our skilled front-end developers to translate the design to first-rate html code in preparation for integration with the chosen content management system (CMS). If required, all code will be crafted to adhere to Section 508 compliance.


Unlike many design firms, we never force our clients to host a site through us. We provide recommendations on the most reliable and affordable hosting services and will assist you with setting up your account. In our worldview, web hosting should be a direct relationship between a web hosting company (where this is their #1 line of business) and a website owner. We will maintain the website and help mediate any issues that might arise.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization with its web design needs.