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Logo and Brand Design

Confluence’s Creative Services department is composed of art school graduates with dozens of years of experience creating brands and logos for organizations and companies.

Designing a new logo, or updating an existing one, is the critical first step in any branding process. A good logo engages and invites a user to learn more; a bad logo is an immediate turnoff and sets a negative perception about the organization or service from the very first interaction.

We follow a set process when designing logos (or any creative project) and have found that this workflow creates the optimal environment for creativity, exploration, and efficiency.

Conversation: All design and communications projects begin with the creation of a customized Project Profiler—this is essentially an interview form, and is useful for collecting input from the project stakeholders. Typical questions include branding and messaging, company history/compelling stories, audience and user profiles, brand/logo goals and metrics, existing social media channels, etc.After we have reviewed the Profiler responses, the team will gather for the design kickoff meeting. This critical meeting needs to be attended by all stakeholders as the information gathered forms the genesis of the creative strategy moving forward.

The new logo will form the basis of the branding pyramid. It informs the style, aesthetic, color palette and typography for the whole company.

Design options: We start logo design by developing a set number of black and white logos. Over the years, we have found that presenting logos in black and white allows the client to first focus on shape, style, and typography. Color is inherently a subjective matter, so we like to begin in this manner. Based on client feedback, we will revise a number of chosen logos before we move into color exploration.
Color options: Using PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors, we create and present a number of color versions of the approved black and white logo version. Our team has expertise in color management and will help craft the optimal solution for clients in terms of future printing costs as well.
Final deliverable: We provide our clients with a folder of various file types and an explanation of best practices for logo distribution.

Many clients ask for a Brand/Logo Guide, which we are happy to create. A Logo Guide describes how the logo should and should not be used, explains important spacing or margin information, illustrates what types of background the logo works/doesn’t work on, etc.

We most often move from logo design into a full identity package to include letterhead (print and digital), #10 envelope design, business card design, and any supporting items (note cards, oversized envelopes, folders, etc.)

View our logo design work or contact us to discuss how we can help your organization with branding.